Shoorveer (Winner) 2017 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Sai Dharam, Rakul Preet Singh

Directed thru : Gopichand Malineni
Produced thru : RG Entertainment ( Hindi )
RKD Studios

Written thru : Abburi Ravi (dialogues)
Screenplay thru : Gopichand Malineni
Story thru : Veligonda Srinivas

Starring Sai Dharam Tej
Rakul Preet Singh
Jagapati Babu

The movie starts off with horse racing, Dharmendra Reddy (Mukesh Rushi) is a number one industry magnet in this industry his only son Mahender Reddy (Jagapathi Babu) is the #1 jockey inside the country, leaves the house after marrying his love interest Lakshmi (Kalyani) against his father’s need. Mahendra leads a cheerful life, after some time Lakshmi dies giving starting to a child boy Siddharth Reddy / Siddu (Master Charith), from that time Mahendra was everything to him both of are sure in a doting love bondage.

After his son left the house Dharmendra Reddy’s industry comes just about to zero stage, so he has no other choose apart from to get once more his son. After that he decides to separate Siddu from his father, because of this reality he constructs a barrier between them and separates them thru a meticulous plan of making remarriage to his son in conjunction with his good friend’s daughter (Sonia Agarwal) and makes Siddu forcibly to run transparent of area.

Siddu (Sai Dharam Tej) grows up to be a father-hating, works as an inventive head of a newspaper and he hates races and horses. On each and every different hand, for quite a lot of years Mahendra relentless tries to go looking out his runaway child. Siddu falls in love with Sitara (Rakul Preet Singh) inside the first sight itself. But her serve as to change into a a luck athlete to win National Champion Ship in operating race that’s why she under the educational thru bluffing to her people that she is finding out. While he tries to impress her she shows aversion towards him. So, Siddhu meddles along side her life thru revealing her secret to her father Rajeev Reddy (Suresh). So he instantly settles her marriage with The Best Jockey (Thakur Anoop Singh). Siddu moreover reaches to the marriage where Sitara comes up with a plan to escape the marriage that she is loving Siddu and introduces him as a number one racer, so she wishes to behaviour a race between them and she is going to marry how will win it. In between this quarrel suddenly Mahendra Reddy arrives and unexpected says the jockey as his separated son Siddhartha Reddy and accepts the issue.

Siddu is completely perplexed with this incident he wishes to grasp the truth so kidnaps Dharmendra Reddy’s PA (Raghu Babu) and Siddu is flabbergasted, working out that the person is Aadi now not only a jockey however as well as a jail thru profession impersonated and settled in conjunction with his family thru his grandfather as a returned son to stop needless expenditure inside the search of the separated son. Now Siddu decides to soak up the issue thru becoming an authorized jockey. Rest of the story is how Siddu options Sitara love, comes with reference to his father, teaches the lesson to his grandfather and turns right into a Winner each and every in drawback & life.

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