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Presenting New Malayalam Full Movie 2015 “Big B” Malayalam Full Movie the superhit Malayalam Full movie 2015 New Releases

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The story begins with the cold-blooded murder of Mary John Kurishingal (Nafisa Ali), upper known as Mary ‘Teacher’, a social activist who runs an orpahanage in Kochi. She has four foster sons, whom she adopted from the city’s orphans and gave her surname ‘John Kurishingal’. They arrive for her funeral from somewhat numerous places. The cynosure is on Bilal alias ‘Big B’ (Mammootty), the eldest and some of the reactive of the four ‘brothers’, who used to be as soon as an infamous troublemaker right through his time at Kochi. He used to be as soon as forced to flee the city after he got interested in a facet highway fight that resulted in him stabbing another ruffian. This moreover resulted in his estrangement from Mary Teacher. Eddy (Manoj Ok Jayan) the second one one of the most brothers, takes care of Mary and struggles to make the ends meet for his partner (Selena) and his two ladies, as his small-time consuming position business is sagging. Murugan (Bala) is the glad-pass-lucky fellow of the pack, and tours the country in conjunction with his assignments as a stunt director in movement photos. Bijo (Sumit Naval), a scholar, is the youngest of the brothers and truly sentimental as a result of a troublesome early life previous than he used to be as soon as adopted, is often at the receiving end of the overprotective nature of Bilal. Nevertheless, he is very hooked as much as Bilal. The four brothers take it upon themselves to unearth the mystery in the back of their mother’s murder. Bilal get began meeting his earlier friends and contacts throughout the Kochi underworld to get knowledge on the killers. Little by means of little, they piece the evidence and find out that the murder used to be as soon as devoted by means of two professional ‘hitmen’ from Mumbai. The ACP Balaji Shakthivel (Pasupati) who is an upright cop, put in control of investigations, tries his stage absolute best on the other hand cannot fetch any evidence to end up the remaining similar. They temporarily find out that the murder used to be as soon as one of the vital many meticulously planned operations, aimed to check the teacher’s intrusions into unlawful exporting of kids from Kochi. As the Mayor (Ramesh Varma) and his henchman, an underworld don known as Saiyuppu Tony (Sherveer Vakil) are involved, the brothers make a decision to soak up palms to avenge their mother. How they accomplish their revenge bureaucracy the rest of the story.

Star Cast :”MammoottyManoj Ok JayanNafisa AliBala
Sumit NavalPasupathyMamta Mohandas”
Writer : “Amal Neerad Unni R”
Music Director : “Gopi SundarAlphons Joseph
Produder : “Shahul Hameed Marikar Anto Joseph”
Studio :Marickar Films
Digital Partner : Unisys