Action Star (2018) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Prabhas, Tamannaah

The movie story provides with Rishi a happy-go-lucky son of Bhupathi. Rishi is influenced by the use of his father’s ideals and grows up very similar to his father. But Bhupathi does now not want his son to soak up violence and make additional enemies like him. He sends his son to Bangalore for analysis and to learn song. There Rishi falls for Deepali, an orphan and brings her to his house inside the hide of his old-fashioned song teacher as he wishes his father to be at liberty that he does now not soak up the violence. During the festivals held in their village, Simhadri, sends 100 thugs to kill Bhupathi and his family. Rishi saves his father by the use of eliminating all of the thugs. Bhupathi’s brother joins arms with Simhadri, so they are able to kill Bhupathi, Bhupathi’s partner, and Deepali in a temple. Simhadri tells Rishi local goon helped Bhupathi’s brother kill Bhupathi and his family. Rishi must smash Bhupathi’s killers, then again Simhadri kills himself. In a rage, Rishi stabs Simhadri’s corpse more than once. Raju is one among Bhupathi’s bodyguards. Some of Bhupathi’s bodyguards are nevertheless alive. Raju and the other bodyguards have the same opinion Rishi to get revenge. Two years later, Rishi discovers Goon named Stephen was once doing illegal business in Hyderabad for a very long time. Rishi moreover discovers man named Robert started working with Stephen right kind after Bhupathi’s murder. Stephen and Robert changed into tough underworld dons. Rishi suspects that his uncle’s new identity is Robert. Rishi goes to Hyderabad. Rishi reveals out that Stephen and Robert have an assistant, Nanu who works in Hyderabad. Nanu’s daughter is Nandini. Rishi and Nandini fall in love with each other. While drunk, Nanu shows his cell phone to Nandini on account of she wishes to look the pictures of Stephen and Robert. Nanu falls asleep. Nandini calls Rishi’s phone. Rishi sneaks into Nandini’s room. When Rishi sees the pictures of Stephen and Robert, it’s confirmed that Rishi’s uncle’s new identity is Robert. Since Simhadri recommended Rishi local goon helped Robert kill Bhupathi, that local goon should’ve been Stephen. Later, Raju tells Nandini about Rishi’s tragic earlier. Nandini nevertheless must have the same opinion Rishi in finding Stephen and Robert. Rishi bribes Nanu’s henchmen to stop protecting Nanu. Rishi tells his henchmen in conjunction with Raju to take Nandini once more to her area. Rishi tortures Nanu, until Nanu consents to entice Stephen and Robert proper right into a lure. Stephen and Robert arrive in a helicopter. It’s printed that Stephen and Robert sent 2 henchmen to hide themselves as Stephen and Robert. Nanu and his henchmen didn’t expect Stephen and Robert to fool Rishi. Nanu’s completely happy that Stephen and Robert fooled Rishi. Rishi realizes that his bodyguards in conjunction with Raju and Nandini got kidnapped by the use of the harmful guys. Robert calls Rishi’s cell phone. Robert says, “My informer followed Nanu for these past 2 years just in case if you tried to locate me. My informer told me that you kidnapped Nanu and I sent my henchmen to kidnap Raju, Nandini, and your other bodyguards.” Rishi gets taken to his old-fashioned area. Rest of Rishi’s bodyguards got killed. Nandini and Raju are nevertheless alive. Robert kills Raju. Rishi manages to kill Stephen, Stephen’s henchmen, Stephen’s sizzling female bodyguards, Robert, and Robert’s son in a violent manner. Rishi reunites with Nandini.